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Born in the start of the 2000’s in the small town of Birregurra I really had it all at my fingertips, the beach down at Lorne, a small country town, dogs and cats and a spoilt only child of supportive parents, and my Mother being artistic herself, I was really lucky. 
But my Mother was an oil painter, and she had lots of paint, but what she didn’t have? Watercolour.
Well so obviously that’s what I decided to fall in love with and persue, because I like to make things hard.

Working in watercolour is something that I got into accidentally, my teacher let me take home a little watercolours,  they where the round discs that can stack on top of each other every school basiclly has them, and with what I had I just started to try colour in drawings I have done, and well, I really liked it.

Everyone starts somewhere.


paint tray

Awards & accomplishments

Nominated Colac Otway Youth Award 2020

National gallery of victoria Season of excellence top arts 2020

'Miniscule' art show at red rock gallery age 1st place 2017

artwork printed on the cover of trinity college colac's '50 years' book,
trinity college colac 2019 yearbook and
trinity college colac 2020 year diary

Bonni Jane Lion

the work

But what does it mean?

Art is a very personal thing to me, though some things may seem at first had obscure and just a simple painting most of the time there is a piece of myself in it, from a dream I’ve had, something I’ve seen or something I feel.
I won’t often reveal what the meanings are behind the painting to me personally for two reasons, one being that its personal, and it can be hard as a person to open up about how you feel, but the second reason and the main one is I’m more curious about what you think it means.
Its fascinating to me how a mind works in interpenetrating a meaning, and how that plays into who a person is, how they’ve grown up and how they feel at the time, and when I get the answer from you, its an answer I hold close to me for the rest of my life, on how my artwork has been able to affect you.

But maybe on a good day, I might tell you what it means to me too.   

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on the wall

What they said

where did you go?

Pictured is one of my prints “where did you go?” beautifully framed and hung up on the wall of a coast side home in San Diego CA.

Emily Kinross Smith

on Unnoticed 2020 a3 print

“I love everything about Bonni’s art! The themes and ocean scenery really resonate with me as someone who grew up near the beach and the fine detail in her work just makes it extra special and visually very beautiful. Every time I buy art from Bonni I get a gorgeous surprise, whether it be an extra sticker (or ten) or a hand written note – her parcels are a joy to unwrap. I hope she keeps making art forever and I will single-handedly support her work until I am living in poverty”